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North Star Havanese Club is at the center of purebred Havanese activities in the upper Midwest and the primary social and communication link for Havanese owners, fanciers, and breeders in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. 
NSHC members are stewards of the purebred Havanese dedicated to loving and caring for this delightful breed. Members who breed Havanese are committed to honoring the breed standard and guarding its health and longevity.  


We invite you to explore our site and learn more about us and our Havanese.

If you currently have a Havanese (or more than one), are looking for a Havanese to join your family, or just love these charming dogs we welcome you to attend one of our events or meetings.  No pressure, but joining the North Star Havanese Club is a good way to get to know other Havanese lovers and their dogs, to participate in events that will entertain and socialize your dog, and to learn more about the care and health of the breed.


Go to our events page for information on our upcoming activities.

about our dogs

In addition to being loving companions and easy-to-live-with pets, many of our Havanese are active in dog sports competing in: agility, conformation, obedience and rally events.  Some do therapy work in nursing homes and hospitals.  Others go to work with their owners where they contribute to a more memorable experience for customers and a less-stressful environment for workers.

Go to our information library page to learn more about the above mentioned activites.

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2024 Club Board Members

President: Sheila Daly
Vice President & Membership: Katy Leet
Treasurer: Shannon Clouse
Director: Sophie Wilson

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